The Longest Day of The Year!

The longest day of the year is one of the School days I’ve been through. It feels like a long time but it’s just the same as any other days of School but it still feels like a long time no matter what happens.

So it probably started with me a bit tired but still energetic. As I like it got ready time went by but when I got to school time felt like it slowed down a bit and I started feel a bored. As the day went on time went slowly and I felt tired and bored.

At Recess time flew by like as normally did but after Recess time slowed down again and I felt mentally tired and bored fellings didn’t stop because at Lunch time a minute felt like hour and it felt even more slow.

After Lunch time went a bit faster and after school I felt that time went much faster. But before I knew it. It was bedtime.

So that was the day of the year.

Swimming Carnaval

Wendsday the day is finnaly here. The  day I go to the Swimming Carnaval.

After the House Asembly and long trudge there I settled down and had a little snack.

My first event was 50m Freestyle I came 6th. My second event was 50m Backstroke I came 8th (last). In the next events. (My Realays) Me and my team came 4th and 1st. In the Cork Scrable the winning team was Larson (My House) came first.

It was fun talking to people and eating yummy lunch and swimming for my team.

On the way back I talked to Imran it was intresting.

Any way it was a great. I loved it. It was awesome.

Mathemations Toolbox

Work Backwards.

Test all Possibilites.

Guess, Check and Improve.

Make a table or list.

Look for a Discribe, Pattern or Rule.

Have I seen a similer problem.

Find a exeption of the rule.

Write a sum or number sentace.

Draw a Diargram or Graph.

Act it out.

Make a Model.

Break problem into managarble parts.


Holiday Letter

Dear Liz,

On the holidays I went to Wye River and we stayed in our cabin for five weeks.

I played with my friends Will and Henry. I also meet some new friends. Will.D, Archie, Zaviar and James.

I had all sorts of fun, like playing on the Jumping Pillow, playing at the Secret Hideout, each overs Cabins and up some mountains. (The Otways)

Any way I hope you, me and the class will have a good year of Learning and Teaching.

Classoom Considerations

In 5/6c we treat everyone equqaly.

In 5/6c we respect people,properties and opinions.

In 5/6c we work cooperativly.

In 5/6c we make eye contact and respect everyone’s opinions.

In 5/6c we don’t tolerate put downs.

In 5/6c we always stand strong matter what.

Let everyone have a say and if stuck help them.

Try everything and be optimistic about it.

Have fun and becoftable trying new things.