My greatest personal achievement in the last six weeks at M.P.P.S.

My greatest personal achievement in the last six weeks at M.P.P.S. was getting my homework in on time. I achieved this because I put it down in my Diary and I remembered to do it if I forgot to put it down.

Another achievement I’ve made made was listening to the teacher more. I achieved this because I listened what the teacher had to say and I also almost listened always when she spoke to us.

The last achievement is that I improved in working as a team, because I helped my team mates in Winter Sports by helping take care of the opposition for them. I also improved just plainly in class by helping people in class with work.

And this is why I think I’m a better student in class and on excursions by being very helpful, nice and caring in many ways. I think this because I’m a better person in reality.

100WC Week 31#

Suddenly I woke up in a dome made of hexagons. Where the heck am I?

Then a big,tall and strong man came in and said “Do you now anything about that temple and did you take anything?”.

“No!!!!!!!! where the heck am I”.

“SHHHH UP  you little bug and listen to me. Did you take anything?”.

Then I remembered. “Yes I did” BANG!!!!!

Whoops I wasn’t meant to do that at all.

“What going on in there” yelled a man.

Oh I think it’s time to escape. RUN FOR IT.

And then I smashed through the glass and ran.

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 5: Q23

Predict: I predict this is going to be about trying to solve out how kilos there are in the bricks.

Read: What is the weight of seven bricks if three and a half bricks weigh seven kilos?

Clarify I had no phrases to clarify.

The Big Question: How many kilos are in seven bricks?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Try all possibilities

Solve: So I thorght if three and half is half of seven I could just double it and I came up with 14kg.

Summary: So I used the problem solving strategies to solve this on out in great ways.

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 4: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about how many numbers add up to 3 by counting by 3.

Read: How many numbers between 20 and 31 are divisible by 3?

Clarify: I had no phrases to clarify.

The Big Question: How numbers are divisible by 3?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Write an equation

Solve: I counted by 3 to 21 then I knew I had to start counting how many numbers there where 21,24,27 and 30 so there where 4 numbers divisible by 3.

Summary: So I used me problem solving strategies to this one out and I used them well.


100 Word Challenge: Week 29

….Suddenly the pain in my arm….

Escalated to max and I said. “OWWWWWWWWWWWWW that hurt”.

Before I knew it I found two darts in my arm and I was feeling dizzy. I was hit by sleeping bullet and I fell to the ground.

I woke up and I was in a sack being into a car and before I knew it we were driving somewhere.

I was being by all the speed humps and that made me sick and before I knew it I was thrown in to somewhere wet and I floating and at the same sinking this was trouble at badest.

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 3

Predict: I predict this is going to be about making all the numbers add up to 18.

Read: Fill the digits 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 9 so that that the sum on each of the six straight lines is 18.

Clarify: I had no phrases to clarify.

Big Question: The Big Question was to make each line equal 18.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Try a simpler problem

Solve: The 8 and 3 equaled 11 so there had to a 7  to equal it and the 8 and 1 equaled 9 so there had to a 9. The next thing I did was add the 2 to the 7 and 9 because that equaled it. The next thing was I put the 6 at the top and put 5 on the left and the 4 on the right.

`Summary: So I solved it using my problem solving skills I learnt.

Grammar-mania Exercise 6: Verbs

1. Sue sat on the bench as we were jogging through the park.
2. John ate his lunch slowly.
3. He was enjoying a ham and cheese sandwich.
4. After work, we decided on a movie.
5. Since his accident, he has been driving more carefully.
6. You will never guess the answer.
7. Are you reading that magazine, or have you finished it?
8. Lucy will send you her new address.
9. Finally, the dealer agreed to our price.

10. Everyone wants a lucky lottery ticket.

Grammar-mania Exercise 5: Verbs

1. The pitcher threw the ball.
2. The robin perched on a lower branch.
3. Seagulls flew lazily in the light breeze.
4. The New Brunswick flag cost five dollars.
5. He dreamed about his recent accident.
6. Melissa always walks to work in the morning.
7. She often rode the bus home at night.
8. His parents thought about him every day.
9. The Christmas tree looked beautiful.

10. The lions slept in the sun for hours.

Grammar-mania Exercise 4: Pronouns

1. Who told us that no one would be at the mall?
2. This belongs to her.
3. She never gave them any of it.
4. Phillip called to tell them about that.
5. What did you give him and his wife for Christmas?
6. We always welcome suggestions.
7. Mine was destroyed by the flood, but the insurance covered it.
8. Give me some!
9. They told about the hardships we survived.

10. Many told about the kindness of strangers.

Term 1 Project, Asian Countries

Make a list of the most important things that you learnt.

The most things I learnt were that my project is more important than my presentation and that my research was vital to my projects success.

What can you do now that you couldn’t do before?

I could do a wider  research on the country (South Korea) and that my research skills have improved in gathering information and putting it into my own words.

What or Who helped me?

Wikapedia and Encarter Kids helped me get most of my information and that it was very easy to understand. So it was easy to swallow and rewrite in my own words. My parents help me get information that I couldn’t get from the web.

3 facts about my country.

1. South Korea has over 50 million people living there.

2. The currency is South Korea-won.

3. South Koreabis very small compared to some countries.

2 wonderings on my country.

1. What else should I know about my country?

2. What was it like when North and South Korea where joint together?

An understanding of my country

I have an understanding that South Korea is a pretty good place to live.