100wc Week36#

…summer black expensive polar bears flying…

Yes I’m the new story kid will the other one has break from the action of his story.

So I was flying to the north pole on a light aircraft in the middle of summer. The ticket was expensive but worth it, plus I was wearing black and it was cold.

When I got there it was cold but it’s the north pole so it doesn’t matter if I’m like that because I was silly and didn’t put on the right clothes anyway so it’s my fault.

So I looked in town and I…

100WC Week:35#

… the light was so bright…

That it almost blinded me as if it was a solar ray as I made my way to my hideout in the alley I thought if someone was directly on my tail but there wasn’t. When I got there it was filled with police cars, so I hid in corner peeking through a gap the fence will trying to not be seen by anyone. Then someone passed not looking at me by luck then I listened a rubble of engines driving out of the other side of the alley. I thought ” thank god for that…

Maths Mate Problem Steps

Predict: What sort of maths problem do you think it is.

Read: Write the Question.

Clarify: Write the meaning of words of concepts.

The Big Question: What does the question mean? What do you hope to fined out?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Write which one you used.

Solve: How did you it? Write the steps.

Summary: Summarise what process used and how you did it.

100wc week 32#

…as the sun came out…

I woke up in the alley is was hiding in and there was no one at all. As I got up I thought “when will I ever get off these guys” then I checked if no one was around the streets and I fled to a shop to buy some food. When I got there, there was a poster saying my name and my identity then a sudden surge of coldness went down my back and I thought ” my parents care that much that they told the police to try and find me and that….

Gramma Mania! Exercise:10 Adverbs

1. Computers are relatively new devices.
2. Many businesses use them daily.
3. Today, very fast computers are needed.
4. They produce statistics quickly and accurately.
5. Generally, they are quite easy to use.
6. Many people have never used a computer.
7. The baby has been very cranky lately.
8. Finally, she wrote the very last sentence correctly.
9. She smiled brightly and said that she was really sorry.

10. Politely, he asked for a second helping.

Gramma Mania! Exercise:9

1. They arrived early for class.
2. Can you come soon?
3. She placed the crystal vase carefully on the table.
4. You cannot drive there!
5. The bus will arrive here at noon tomorrow.
6. Yesterday, the strikers blocked the driveway effectively.
7. Rick gave his girlfriend an extremely expensive gift.
8. Kate is a truly courageous woman.
9. They finished their work surprisingly quickly.

10. The weather turned really hot at the beach during this last week.

Gramma Mania! Exercise:8 Adjectives

1. The little girl ran along the dusty road.
2. Six delicious cookies were cooling on the rack.
3. The dark brown painted dripped on the new white carpet.
4. A beautiful red rose bloomed in a quiet corner of that flower garden.
5. The old curtains were torn and faded, and they flapped in the light breeze.
6. After a few hours, they arrived at the train station, nine miles from Minto.
7. The hockey arena is located on Water Street beside the steel mill.
8. They used paper plates for the annual picnic.
9. These apples are juicy and red.
10. The long summer months are usually hot and dry.

Grammar-mania! Exercise:7 Verbs

1. We learned about the effects of the storm from Norma.
2. Many branches had been broken by the wind.
3. Heavy icy was still bringing down many power lines.
4. Only a few people could stay in their houses without electricity.
5. After three days, food became scarce.
6. Volunteers arrived with emergency supplies.
7. People from nearby communities brought many loads of firewood.
8. Soon, life was returning to normal.
9. They are calling it the storm of the century.
10. We hope that we will not have another ice storm this year.

Quick Eze Part:1 To M.I.6

As quick as the wind a boy on foot came racing down the road at 100mp/h with police cars chasing I thought if he was going to stop but he didn’t he kept on going as fast and as the wind he smashed through the window and collided with me.

As if you think this is real, but when I thought about it, he wasn’t there, but he collided with me then I thought is he in me or are super powers real or if super heroes are real for now this is not good.

At diner I couldn’t eat slowly and my parents were bagging me about it. After diner I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I had trouble going to sleep but finally at 11:00pm I went to sleep.

The next morning I went for my morning jog and I was sprinting at a Olympic speed of 50km/h and everyone was looking at me, like I’m weird or something but I’m not. I was normal until now because I’m Quick Eze.

When I got home I made a disguise and quickly ran to the state police building and there was a criminal on the run and he was armed and dangerous and that he lived at so and so street so and so suburb. They believed me because there was a already a criminal on the run that he had the same identity as the criminal.

So  basically I just told them were he was and the best thing was that they all went together so I could get a weapon without me having to sneak one out without anyone looking.

When I had my pistol I ran out and the boy came out of me and ran away.

Alone I bought a ticket for a light aircraft and set off to England for M.I.6 headquarters London. When I got there it was night and it was dam cold, like -5c0 but right in front of me there was M.I.6 headquarters. I knocked on the door and someone answered the door and I was asked to come in…..