My Body My Life project reflection

What are the 3 important things I’ve learnt about my research skills since completing this project?

1. I have learnt that my skills in a group aren’t the best, but I can still work in a group with people and do it well.

2. I have learnt that I should go away from Wikipedia and look at other websites in the wide world of the web.

3. I have learnt that you need to plan to plan 3 different plans to make a working model because if one doesn’t work you have backup.

How I can improve on my group work skills?

I can try and pull my own weight of research and writing in my own words for the project. Another thing is that I can cooperate in my group more in the way of organising it.

What goals do you have for semester two regarding Integrated  Studies?

I’ve set one goal to get my projects in on time and get a lot of useful info about it.