Blood Gem

“The map says here, is where the BLOOD GEM should be exactly here, in this spot at this time and on this planet”.

“Well where is it”.

“When you signed up to his adventure you promised not to complain about anything to do with maps and Gems”.

“Well where are we on this planet”.

“The Trillion Rainforest in the middle off a volcano creator”.

“Great, it’s about blow the any second now”.

“And if you weren’t blabbing on about stuff and wasn’t worried about stuff you would’ve seen a glass case with a gem in it”.

A Blood Gem is a gem that is more powerful than a laser beam flying through the air in a plane. Which means it’s the most powerful thing on earth. Two Blood Gem fragments you can make the mighty powerful, feast giving Blood Gem sword.

The story of the Blood Gem starts from medieval times were the dark ruled and the light hid away to keep safe. After the king of Dark died the light were determined to destroy the Dark. The light made the Blood Gem sword in order to swiftly destroy the dark soldiers in one swift stroke.

The light succeeded and the world was freed and the Blood Gem sword was split into three fragments the hilt and the blade was split up into two and scattered around the world, so one day a unexpected hero would put it back together again.

“So we’ll have to open it at our own risk”.

“Yes precisely, we have to open it in order to get the last fragment”.

“Well open it”.


A beam come’s flying out of nowhere.

“Yikes! A beam came’ flying out of nowhere”.

“I pick it up”.

The Blood Gem sword is now been…. To be continued.



Verse 1

One big fish comes and bites my head,

I fed my dog its own poop!,

I eat a two week old bottle of poison,

My dog eats my but,

A stiluparitus hits my head,

What could go worse,


Bad days bad days are not fun at all,

Bad days bad days they suck they happen,

Verse 2

My dog dies,

I eat a two week old unrefrigerated pie,

I throw up?,

I go to hospital to get a plant removed,

I go nuts,

I die,


Bad days bad days are not fun at all,

Bad days bad days they suck the happen,