How to play Aussie Rules


A ball, a good sized park or football field, some basic rules, a couple of friends, 8 cones if you don’t have any goal posts and a stop watch.


1. Go to the football field or park with your friends.

2. Set up some cones if you don’t have any goals.

3. Decide on some basic rules of the game eg: no high tackling.

4. Decide who’s going to be the umpire and start the game with a ball up, remember to set the stop watch to 1hr.

5. Play with your friends until the stopwatch goes off.

The end result is a satisfying game hopefully.

Term 3 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting or surprising?

1. I found that he won an award an the National Sleep Awareness Week Diner.

2. His invention is really important.


Two understanding I now have?

1. I understand that science explorers are very important.

2. I understand that land explorers aren’t always the most important explorers.

One wonder I still have?

I still wonder how he was so inspired.

How did I learn it?

I learned  it by researching with my partner Sam searching on all these websites. It wasn’t easy finding all the info online because there were all these different Collins.

What am I going to do with this imformation?

I’m going to use this information for later years in school so I can get better grades.

This project was a very successful for Sam and I and it was not easy to do but we came through and did it successfully. It was one of my favourite projects and I liked it.