Maths Mate:Term 1: Sheet 3: Q23

Predict: I predict that I’m going to have to find out the correct weight.

Read: Use the diagram to calculate the weight of the black sphere.

Clarify: None.

Big Question: Calculate the weight of a black sphere.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Guess, check and improve.

Solve: First I figured out what the weight of the white sphere was it went into the 16kg four time which meant it 4kg and that meant the black was half and that’s 2kg and that’s the answer.

Summary: I used my skills that I picked up over the years and guess, check and improve was useful.

100wc Week23#

Pushing through the earth I found a mystical land of adventures that would lead to disaster for whoever entered the treacherous land. I was here to prove them utterly wrong. First I had to jump into a lake to make it a safe landing. The time of truth happened.


I had succeeded and swam up to the surface, got out and ran for cover because there was a war going on. Slowly I advance to the great city of the land, Hamhaxtopia, where I would become a legend in the lands history, one which would end this war forever.

100wc Week22#

The mysterious was in front of me a portal that sends you to a parallel universe in another dimension of worlds and peril. Today I go on the adventure of my life.

“This is Sparta”.

The portal was rough and tough but I mad it through and at first a great war was happening ships where being destroyed and people where dying from horrible deaths of being blown to bits and burnt to death it was horrible then people started to open fire on me I duct and took cover and ran to the location of my first mission.

2014 Swimming carnival

The start of today was no ordinary day it was the start of the great swimming carnival of 2014 which was yet to be start but when it did the competition levels went up and people would start winning. First we walked down to the pool and got ready for what was about towels where put down, sunscreen was put on and people prepared for the first epic event of the day. I was cheering on as the competitors raced down the pool at 100mp/h and the finish line was close there was to be only one winner. The winner got the first place ribbon and was proud of himself.

As the day stretched on me and Angus invented a new type of cricket thongkit and we played it all day hitting six and fours and if you hit it into the pool on the full you will get 100 runs (mainly because it was so hard). We went to the canteen. I got a sausage roll and orange Powerade, and Angus got a pie and orange Powerade.

Then the moment of truth happened me and the relay team won the paddleboard relay! Then relay team came third in the wading race it was still good because we still gained points for our team then free time and we had so much fun playing thongkit in the pool we also went to the deep and had some more fun playing around. Then we had to go back to school to announce which house had won the 2014 swimming carnival. In the end Banks (I’m in Lawson) won the swimming carnival and Lawson (My team) came second

100wc Week21#

Meetings were held across the country to find an answer when the D-day landings of 1944 where going to happen.

The decision was going to be on the low tide on the beaches Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah with over 156 000 thousand men from 12 different countries risking there lives and where set to arrive on landing craft and by air. The airborne troops where on missions to hold bridges and towns and destroy fortifications surrounding the beaches. The men where set to land on beaches and destroy the rest of the fortifications and start to head inland to reinforce the airborne troops and liberate France and the start long push to Germany.


My job/Your job

My job (students) :

To be organised for the lesson.

To listen and make eye contact with who’s talking.

To learn new information.

To have an exiting and awesome year.

To do jobs that are asked of in 5/6.

To work in class and be a good primary student and work with others.

Your Job (teacher):

To help us learn.

To teach us new information.

To be organised for the lesson you are going to teach us.

To know what we are capable of.

To know what we are not capable of.

100wc Week20#

…but all we could see was water…

It was impossible a second ago it was dry land now water the entire earth was covered with water just salty, yucky and thirst making salt water! I’m on a raft at moment and planning to try and get a upgrade the a cruiser. My luck is running out of time I’m thinking about nothing but water because I’m very thirsty and I think I might die of thirst. Finally water on a desert island that I can drink. I also find out that it’s owned by Barwon Water and that it’s near a town…..

Aplication to be in 5/6B

Dear Lee and Classmates,

I would like to be in your 5/6 classroom this year because.

I will bring knowledge to this classroom that I have learnt from previous years and expand on it.

I will be optimistic and help other people who are having trouble doing there work.

I will be hard working and not distract other people from doing there work.

I will use knowledge from previous year and I will use it to grow on what I understand and help me to do this year work in class and homework at home. I will use my diary to plan out my week unlike last year.

I will be optimistic and help people do there work when they get stuck on a piece of work that there doing. I will also help other people when the get hurt or bullied in the yard. I will not disturb other people from becoming young and smart adults.

I will work hard and do my homework in neat and on time manner of work. I will do my class work in class and my homework at home, Like it should be.

In conclusion I will a hard working optimistic child that will be very easy, but sometimes hard to work with.

Kind Regards Bryce Sarah.