Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 1: Q22

Predict: I predict that this going to be about money pencils and erasers.

Read: Four pencils cost as much as two erasers. How much are twelve pencils  if one eraser is $1.50.

Clarify: None.

Big Question: How does pencils cost.

Mathematicians Toolbox:

Solve: First I figure out that 2 pencils equal 1 rubber so 4 pencils cost $3 then I times 3 times 4 which equals $12 and that is the answer.

Summary: Today I used my problem solving skills well which helped me solve the problem.

B.T.N 5#

Today I watched B.T.N and I watched an artical about knights and dames, not he ones you see in movies. 3 moments I recall are when they said what it means, when they boys came out and where dressed as nights which was really funny. When the boys did all they fake stuff that nights do. I understand what a knight and dame is, they are people who they are a person that has done a great thing. I understand that it’s about 50/50 on who wants it and who doesn’t want it. I still wonder if the honor is going to be passed and used anytime soon.