Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 5: Q23

Predict: I predict that is going to be about litres, km and numbers.

Read: Bobby’s car uses 9 litres of fuel per 100km. How many litres of fuel are required to travel form Kogan to Tingura?

Clarify: None.

Big Question: How many litres will Bobby use to get from Kogan to Tingura.

Mathematicians Toolbox:

Solve: First I added up all the distances together which equaled 380km so he would’ve used 27 litres in 300 of those kilometers so then is figured out that 9 cannot go into a hundred so we would be going into decimals. So the answer was 34.78 or 34.7 .

Summary: This one challenged me more than the last one but it still wasn’t that hard because it wasn’t so hard to answer.

B.T.N 8#

Today I watched an article on the dogs that have hunting down the rabbits on Macquarie Island and how they accomplished there mission. 3 facts I recall are that when the Seal Hunters came in 1800’s they introduced rabbits for a source food. The dogs took three years to wipe out the rabbits from the islands grounds. The island is home to over 2 million sea birds of different species. 2 understandings I now have are that dogs can do so many more amazing things than being a guide. That there is alot ahead for the dogs that are coming back for them to do. A question I still have is, how many dogs are being used to help deal with pest problems all over the world?

100wc Week34#

But where could I go to hide away from the advancing German war machine, that was advancing onto Poland at a quick rate. It was my birthday, the 19th of January 1939 and the Nazis where about to come and spoil it with a barrage of bombs coming flying out of the hole in the bottom of hundreds of planes. The first wave of bombs where about to hit the ground, I found a small cellar and got in. It would have to do. It would keep me safe from the bombs and the flames that would burn parts of Warsaw to the ground.

GTAC Refletion 2#

Yesterday we had a second visit from GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre). The people who came where Jacinta and Chris. We worked on the gas state and learnt how it works. Me and my class did activities to study the gas state and they where, is there anything in the cup which I found out there was something in the cup. We also did one on how gas particles in a cup react getting pushed into water.

Some facts I recall are that there is something everywhere and that is gas and we need to breath one of those gases to survive, that is oxygen. When gas meets water the gas wants to get out cup and tries to push the water out the and the water then goes up the sides because of the pressure of the gas. There is something everywhere in the air because air is a gas and it takes any given space in this instance the sky and space around us. Gas particles are spread out and don’t like to be still, and like to move around a lot and bounce of wall and each other.

Some things I now understand are how gas particles work and how they behave by there selves, they like to move around a lot and don’t like to stay still. I understand that gas particles a easy to compress because they are so spread out and take up so much space. I now understand that the Gas state is the state that takes up the most room on Earth because off how spread out it and how so called empty space there is.

A question I still have is. What is the least common gas on Earth?

Education Week: Scientists Do Amazing Things

Yesterday I and my class went to GTAC for education week, because the theme is Scientists Do Amazing Things. The scientists we worked with where Jacinta,  Maria, Sam, etc. We did experiments on changing states of objects like butter, dry ice and the inside liquid of a kernel. then we did more experiments on how water is cleaned. We did this by splitting up into groups and working on those experiments. We also missed out on catching the cool tram. ):

Things I remember are that dry ice goes from a solid to a gas in a process called sublimation skipping the melting and evaporation stages. That the kernel only a popcorn only explodes or pops because it has water in it and when it is turned into gas it and the gas wants to get out and it does by turning the insides of the kernel inside out. That Liquid Nitrogen temperature is -196 degrees Celsius and when you put a balloon in it, the gas particles in the balloon will bunch up together because it’s so cold and when you take it out it will reinflate again because the particles have warmed up again. That we use flocculate and chlorine to clean our water, the flocculate attracts the dirt particles making them bigger and the chlorine kills the bacteria in the, or you can use UV rays to kill the bacteria to.

Understandings I now have is that science is really fun to do and it manipulates your mind to think about what’s happening in the experiment and what’s happening around you. I now understand what they clean water before they send it out to our taps or back into our water ways. I understand how algae blooms can really affect the water in Port Phillip Bay and many over places all over the world. I understand how the get rid of the oil slits in the ocean when there’s an oil spill. I understand that the bacteria or acid that helps us digest is not good for us if it reaches other places.

Questions I still have are what are the bacteria or acid that help us digest food called? What the type of algae the usually bloom in Port Phillip Bay?

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 4: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about money and trial and error.

Read: Five ballpoint pens cost as much as two fountain pens. How much are six fountain pens if one ballpoint pen cost $1.

Clarify: None.

Big Question: How much do six fountain pens cost.

Mathematicians Toolbox:

Solve: First I figured out how much does I fountain pen costs, it costs $2.50 so two cost $5. So if you time 6 fountains pens by $2.50 you will get 15$ and that is your answer.

Summary: This question was quite easy but there was still quite some thinking to do in terms of figuring it out of course.

B.T.N 7#

Today i watched an article on whaling and why it shouldn’t happen. Some facts I recall are that whaling has been banned so that whales can’t be killed. Antarctica can’t be whaled in at all, even if it’s scientific research. Japan has killed 700 hundred whale since 1986. Understandings I have now is that whaling is a really big thing in Japan. That our whaling had a big impact to when we did it for blubber. And that the world now knows that you shouldn’t kill whales because it makes a big impact. Questions i still have are, how many whales did Japan kill before whaling was banned?

Term 1 Project Reflection

Last Term we learnt about the Australian government and the other types of government around the world. We learnt how the Australian government works and how other types work. We also started to write a letter to members of parliament discussing a certain issue. I did the East-West Tunnel and I started to write to the Victorian Premier and the Victorian Minister Transport. We a slide show/article about who where we and then did a summary on it. And lucky last The Road To Federation in Australia where we researched it and then wrote and article on it.

3 Facts I learnt!

That anyone can vote sensibly if they understand how politics work and what is right or wrong and who you shouldn’t vote for because that is unfair or directly hits certain people. That our government is one of the most fairest in the world because its a democracy and everyone get to have a say and vote through there local MPs. We have three levels of government (Local, State and Federal) and they all have different jobs that are very important to be able to run the country and stop it from turning into chaos and maybe civil war.

2 Understandings I have!

I now understand how the government works at the three levels of government in Australia, they so the local controls local issues, the state controls state issues and the federal controls federal and world issues. I also understand how fair our government is compared to some other governments all over the world, one of these reasons is that we are a democracy and we go to the polls every three years to decide our government.

Questions I still have!

What is the most powerful government in the world?! What is the most influential part of the Australia government?

100wc Week33#

Lucy should go to school like many other children because if she does go to school she will become smarter so she can make the right decisions in life. They could also lead there country in to a better future even if there disabled they can be some of the smartest people on earth. They would find new ways farm animals and crops so they can yield more and they could also learn how to be more conservative about water so they are less likely to run out. So take action now against these children like Lucy to go to school.

BTN 6#

Today I watched an article on bike licenses where the government wants to add bike licenses because of how many cyclists have died in recent years but kids think it’s not a good idea because many couldn’t afford it. 3 facts I recall are that many cyclists have died other the last few years. That there are alot of cyclists on the road. And there is always a risk of an cyclist, car collision.

2 understandings, that it’s not a very good idea because children couldn’t afford it. And that you should always be safe on the road. One question is, what would be a good way to fix this problem?