100wc Week38#

But it was far to hot to go save anyone from the volcanoes eruption and kill all the village was going to die of a painful deaf of burn and heat exhaustion. There was one last hing we could do to save them but it was hard and meant risking the shields being destroyed and no protection for the rest of our journey to the city. The land was rogered and tough and there where enemies all over the place and they could easily take us out. We decided to do it and it was so close but it worked.


An army of perfectly disguised balloons taking off from a secret base in western Berlin. With one target: London, UK the capital of England and British Commonwealth former British Empire. The army was commanded by Adolf Hitler Jr the person who tried to take over his own country with a single super tank. Except it was blown up by a nuke bomb and he survived because it was remote controlled.

At 12 hours Berlin time the balloons would take off for London. The target was clear. Destroy all the city and kill millions of people to gain control of the country. But they didn’t know that M.I.6 had sent 22 year old superspy Brian Lot to investigate and assassinate Hitler Jr. But what he didn’t know was he had been tricked by Hitler’s army with a smart trick. He had be tricked into miscalculating how many guards there where. And when he tried to charge in with a small S.A.S squad the where surprised by 500 guards which massacred  them and only half made it out alive including Brian.

“Those blasted Germans they tricked us into taking a small battalion of men head on”, said Brian running away from where they had tried to attack 500 men head on.

“Ah my leg, it fells like it wants to fall off”, screamed the man in extreme agony.

“We have to get him back to base before he dies from a lack of blood”, said he commander of the squad.

As they drove back to base the men weren’t about to stop using the F word talking about the Nazis.

“Are we there yet”, yelled the man in agony.

“No we aren’t and if you don’t stop we will seriously will tape your mouth shut”, firmly said Brian.

“Are we…

” I told you to stop and you didn’t so you got it”.

They got there an hour later in a stolen enemy jeep. And they then reported back what they found and the casualties of the men who had been killed.

“Why is that mans mouth taped shut”?, Asked the man that was debriefing the men.

“He wouldn’t stop saying “Are we there yet”!, said Brian with a sigh.”

“Ok that’s fine, at least you didn’t come in extremely annoyed”.

Brian had gathered enough information for the army to put on a full force attack in the enemies base. But in was to late the Balloons had already taken off for there target. The could sent in the R.A.F (Royal Air Force) but they would a big problem identifying them because even the weapons where so well disguised. Which meant the Balloons would have to reach London before the Air Force was sent in.

The Balloons hit the outer skirts of London and they where identified instantly because where by such a large of them (meaning at least 10 000). The Air Force was sent in, in squadrons of 20 each and there where 20 of them and they wiped of the treat by mowing them down like flies. But the mission wasn’t over yet because the base still existed and the base was now anti-air defended.

So England ordered a meeting between all of Europe to unite and fight the fret of the so called new German Empire. They all united (besides Russia) and then started to arm the forces and started to plan a big attack that would crush the empire for good, but the thing was the Germans where now stronger with the control of Germany at there hands and a bigger army to wield. But that was nothing compared to the Euro Allies and possibly any other country that was offering help to the Allies.

They wouldn’t stand a chance against such a large force even if Hitler had a cloning machine which he did but it still wouldn’t work. So he did what a person with a small army would do, clone there best solider 10 000 times  so he would defend the base with the best shot and all that stuff. And he did that to every other man that was good so he some what of an army of men but still not as big as The Euro Allies.

The battle for the fortified base began the next day with a allied bombing of the base which damaged the base extensively and half the cannons where destroyed and in the break of daylight the special forces of all countries started there advance on the base to take out any machine gun posts and take out the 88mm guns stationed on top of the base while the armoured divisions  went in on the side where there was little treat but RPGS and rocket launchers. while all the rest where getting ready for a slow advance/tactical advance into the base to destroy it.

At the end of the battle over 500 000 thousand Germans died and 2000 allied troops where killed or wounded. Hitler Jr escaped and went into hiding and was never seen again. Well for now he wasn’t going to be spotted at any time because they suspected he was hiding in Berlin. At the moment everyone was celebrating the win and had no intention of finding any bad guy soon. Brian was awarded a medal for his bravery in the base taking out the cloning machine single handily. He also took out 20 men to get to there with no weapon and no nothing but hands.

The following day Hitler Jr was captured and then tortured to deaf very slowly so he could pay for what he had done and that was the end.

B.T.N 11#

Today I watched a clip on The Zaatari Refugee camp in Jordon on Border of Syria which is literally a city of tents home to 100 000 people. 3 facts I recall are that 3 years ago it was just desert now it is tent city. Half of the population is children that are educated  in big classes since there are so many people. The camp is only temporary according to the Jordan government. 2 understandings I now are, How lucky we are to have such a privileged life with all the stuff we want and just need to get the money, I also understand fully. I now understand how serious the war is because of how refugees there are in this single camp. One question I still have, Why don’t we ask some of these refugees if they want to come to Australia?

100wc Week37#

The rain was pouring down at an incredible rate, that’s what happens in Brazil since it is a tropical country with a big rainforest called the Amazon. The Germans where thrashing Chile 6-0 and it was only the first half. We where winning and where not about to stop scoring goals at such a successful of play. The second half was here and we where still smashing all the way through till the last whistle when the final whistle would blow and the game would end and it did and it was 15-0. Chile’s biggest loss ever and now I just had to wait for the next game.

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 8: Q24

Predict: I predict his is going to be about numbers and trial and error.

Read: Each letter represents a different digit from 0-9. If E=5, what number does SPEED stand for. SPEED x 3 =KILLS

Clarify: Nothing at all!!!!!!!

Big Question: What does speed equal.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First I figured out that E x3 equals 15 but L cannot equal five because E=5 so L would have to equal six meaning D would equal 4 so there would be a number to carry. So P would equal 3 and S would equal 2 so I would equal 0 and K would equal 7. So SPEED would equal 23554.

Summary: This question used alot of trial and error that you didn’t see in the solve but there was quit a bit. In all this question challenge me bit and made me think.


B.T.N 10#

Today I watched an article on the 2014 Indigenous Parliament. 3 facts I recall that there have only been 28 indigenous members of parliament which isn’t much. There is alot of issues to be solved in aboriginal communities. It is very different in Canberra than where Audrey comes from, Engawala, North of Alice Springs. 2 understandings I now have are that it is important to include aboriginals in parliament more and make them more optimistic about joining parliament. That all the issues all needed to be dealt with, one way or the other. One question is, how many indigenous people have made up in total, the indigenous have made up the past Indigenous Parliaments.

100wc Week36#

The biggest oil spill in the world and no one wants to deal with it. It’s one of the worst years in the world history and everyone hiding there heads in there homes not doing anything tom deal with these problems. There a new world war, a nuke bomb accident and lots of other things. But the people don’t want to do anything about it, which makes unhappy. I think that there should be something done about. But no one but me seems to be doing anything. I am the prime minister of Australia and I’m something about this. NOW!!!!!

B.T.N 9#

Today I watched a video bout silent films and what they are. Three facts I recall are that silent films where really popular in the 1900s where they didn’t have technology to record voice. Silent films are very much way not as popular as they where back in the day. They are still very much recognized and still watched. Two understandings I now have are that silent films exist and what they are. They are a quite interesting type of film that exists. A question that you still have, how many silent films are there in the whole world.

Maths Mate: Term 2: Sheet 6: Q24

Predict: I predict that this is going to be about figuring out what FOUR equals.

Read: Each letter represents a different digit from 1 to 9. R=8 what number does FOUR stand for? TWO+TWO=FOUR

Clarify: None.

Big Question: What doe FOUR equal?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First I figured out that that F= 1 because it would have to be a carried number because there is no other digit in the thousands column. Next I figured out that T=7 because it would equal 14 so O=4 so R=8 so the W’s and the U would be last to figure out. I figured out that W=3 because 2 would equal 4 and that would break that O=4 so that is why W=3 and U=6.

Summary: This question was a challenging one but wasn’t to hard to solve, it was a good test of my mind.

100wc Week35#

The getaway had been successful. It was cold and it was pitch black dark and we where running away from the jail with my friend. I was running from where we had been kept as prisoners of war had treated poorly by the Nazis. It was 2044 and it was WW3 the war that the world hates and dreads. The Nazi war machine was had been turned into a defensive war hardened army that looked defeated, but yet still fought on in a deadlock of two sides fighting. One for freedom and the other for the world. But for now we had escaped.