B.T.N 14# Air Safety

Today I watched an article on air safety and MH-17 and these tragedies could be prevented. Some facts I recall are, you have more chance of not dying in a plane crash than being struck by lightning and other things. That traveling by plane is 22 more times safer than traveling by car. That disasters like this gather the worlds attention so much. Some understandings I now have are, How safe it really is to travel by plane and safe you are. I now understand that you shouldn’t be flying over war zone no high how high you are. A question I still have is. Why is it so bad for a airline and consumer to have to pay ticket $66 more to ensure the safety of peoples lives or there life is safer.

Maths Mate: Term 3: Sheet 3: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about trial and error.

Read: The sum of three consecutive whole numbers is 96. What are the three numbers.


Big Question: What is the sum of 96.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First I split 96 into three parts which 32. then I subtracted 1 from one of the 32s and added 1 to one of the 32s. So the answer is 31, 32 and 33.

Summary: This question wasn’t hard but it wasn’t super easy and did make me think.

Soccer Ball Hail

“What ya doing Bobby”, said Alkanserationaler.

“Not much ya dosh”, said Bobby.

Then suddenly Freddy came parachuting out of nowhere and landed on top of Bobby making him go tumbling to the ground.

“What was that for”.

“I’m crazy”.

“OK guys where not here to fight where here to talk about…”

“You forgot what to talk about”, yelled Bobby.

“I’m pooing my pants”.

Alkanserationaler  and Bobby start at him thinking what he had done to himself since the last time they met. Last time they met he was fit speaking about things that where appropriate but now he locked messed up. In fact Freddy was going crazy because he was taking bad stuff.

“Have you being taking bad stuff Fred”, said Alkanserationaler in confusion.

“Yes evil clown”.

“What the”!!!

The suddenly out of nowhere.

“Hail the size of soccer balls are raining down on the city and destroying everything and everyone in it’s path”, yelled a terrified men.

Splat!!!, “that dude just got destroyed”. said Bobby.

“Dudes lets escape to the other side of the wall and be safe”.

They ran hard and fast and were getting closer. At the same time the storm was gaining on the. Time was running every second. The closer they got the more hopeful they got. So they got closer and closer and closer.

Freddy suddenly snapped out of craze.

“Where getting closer”, yelled Alkanserationaler over the hail.

“Jaffa Cakes”, said Fred.

“Well your not having any” yelled Bobby.

They where almost there and hopes where high. Yet it wasn’t over yet because they still had to pass security.

“Let us go through guards and we will not need to fight you”, yelled Bobby.

“Go through and be safe because were dumb and drunk and don’t care.”

Clatter Clatter Clatter Clatter!

“Machine guns!”

“Wait it’s the Americans there here to save us, run to the other side”.

“Your safe now guys you can go and become citizens of West Germany”.

“Yay we made it”, they all yelled in excitement.

The End.

B.T.N 13#

Today I watched an article on a boy named Flynn who has a very serious health issue and make amazing sculptures out of car parts. Some facts I recall are, The first piece of are he made won alot of awards. He can’t do sport like normal children do. He has substituted making these for sport. I now understand one thing you can substitute sport for if you had a health problem. I know understand how hard it is to live with something that prevents you from doing sport. A question I still have is, how more things that can be substitutes for sport?

Maths Mate: Term 3: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about trial and error.

Read: Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. the left and right page numbers added to 333. What are the page numbers.


Big Question: What are the page numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First AI tried to split the number in half but since it was a odd number I couldn’t and I figured out that 171 and 172 but I didn’t work because the sevens would equal 14 and I needed 13. The I tried 160 and 160 and tried to 13 but that wouldn’t work so I used twelve to half and added one to the second number so one was 166 and 167.

Summary: This question was a that was not easy but wasn’t so hard but was a good challenging question.

B.T.N 12# Bitter Sweet

Today I watched an article on low fat food and how much more sugar there is in it than full fat foods. 3 facts I recall are, There can sometimes be up 5 times more sugar in low fat foods than full fat foods because sometimes the foods don’t taste so good with the same amount as the full fat. Almost all foods in the supermarket have sugar besides fruit and veg which have either natural sugar or none. Some people say that this amount is making more people obese and over weight. 2 understandings I know have are, that there is more sugar in low fat products and that I now know that we should always look at the label before buying something. I know understand that you shouldn’t have to much sweet things and you should think about eating something sweet before eating it.

One question I still have is. Why do some foods taste bad without more sugar in it and are low in fat and some others that but aren’t?

Maths Mate: Term 3: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about numbers.

Read: The sum of two consecutive whole numbers is 97. What are the two number?


Big Question: What are the two consecutive whole numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First I tried many number pairs that didn’t work and then tried more and more and they still didn’t work. And then I tried halving the which didn’t quiet work because 97 is a odd number. I minus 1 from 49 and it worked and that is the answer.

Summary: This question took a long time to answer and was a bit challenging.