100wc Week 8#

I saw a sinister figure in a cloak waiting for someone to come by. I went up to him and suddenly I was in another world. One of magic and beasts, where everything is violence and destruction. I tried to run for cover, in my way the same figure stood with his hand up and saying, “nonahajibika”. I  went sailing back crashing to the ground hard. Lying next to me was a sword, shield, armour and a dead man wearing it. I stripped him of his armour and put it, I picked up his sword and shield. I was ready to defend myself.

Maths Mate: Term 4: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be filing in a box with a number.

Read: Fill in the missing number ? divided by 5=9.


Big Question: Fill in the missing number.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Work Backwards.

Solve: I worked backwards and times 5 by 9 and I got 45 and that is the answer.

Summary: This was an easy question to solve and it wasn’t difficult.