100wc Week12#

He was shocked to find a animal suite with a speaker in it. He also found a hole in the bag, it was recently done. And in the distance 50 calibre gun shots sounded and when he looked out his dark window his metal machines lay in a smoking heap as a shadowy figure ran off.

Then a rampage of Animals screamed into the darkness slickly racing into the last known forest. He new it was the end and there was nothing he could do, because in the distance a light beamed sending out light  turning the world back to it’s beautiful green glorious self.


One thought on “100wc Week12#

  1. Hi Bryce
    This a great piece of writing. You have used great alliteration with ‘metal machines’ and ‘green glorious.’
    Great use of paragraphs also and your imagery really lets the reader imagine they are there.
    Well done

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