100wc Week13#

I was sitting on the beach that our ship was shipwrecked on and pondered to myself why I went on that ship in the first place. I knew the answer straight away, I wanted a better life in a new country. The country I was bound for was Iceland. Our family thought it would be a good place to settle. The name wasn’t nice but life was said to be good there. We took a ship from Denmark before the country collapsed into total mayhem. We where in a storm soon after departure and suddenly we where on an mysterious¬†Island.

3 thoughts on “100wc Week13#

  1. A superb entry in this week’s 100WC. You have used the picture prompt well and it is clear you are working hard on your writing. To make your writing even better maybe try using a verb opener.
    Well done and keep up the hard work.
    Mrs N Goulbourne, Team 100, Liverpool, UK

  2. Dear Bryce,
    Thank you for sharing your 100WC with the world! I really enjoyed this piece of writing and especially liked your careful word choice such as ‘pondered’. It certainly makes me want to know more – keep writing ūüôā

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