100wc Week15#

As I opened the front door in celebration I saw something red and awfully strange in the tree. I became slightly nervous in thinking it might be something bad. But as it flew away I found out was a bird. Suddenly my brother came rushing put the door making me go tumbling face first into the snow. I laughed as I got up and started chasing him around, picking him up and tickling him. Laughing his head he said, “lets go inside Santa’s come”. We went inside and found many presents all neatly raped up. What a Christmas it was.

One thought on “100wc Week15#

  1. I wonder what kind of bird that was. I was hoping it was Santa perched up there. You’ve told a lively tale which has really put me in the mood for Christmas. Do watch your spellings, though – there are several typos here.

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