Orientation Day

The day started with me getting on the Tram to my new school, Simonds Catholic College. This will be my transport to and fro school next year. It took me about 30min to get there and when I got there I was greted by my new School Principle and said goodbye to my Dad.  I quickly got to the meeting room where most of next year’s year 7 where seated. We had a quick briefing on our expectations and what next year’s going to be like.

After that the group was split up into our home groups for next year and found out my teacher. My teacher was Miss Fisher, she is a good teacher. Next the class was given with questions to ask fellow classmates. It was to find out more about each other. I didn’t do to good but someone else managed to fill it out.

Next I Recess where it was provided. We got to have Jam Doughnuts which was very tasty. After Recess I maths with Miss ?(I forgot her name). We talked about time tables and talked about bit of homework to do over the holidays. We also did a quick 42 question times table sheet. We had 60 seconds to do it and I answered  about 20 of them in that time.

The next session was Science with our home room teacher. I did a sheet in what we new about science. I did very well because of what I learnt this year. Next the class did an experiment on if Coke or Diet Coke would float on water. The Diet Coke sort of floated because it weighed 1.1 g/cm3. For something to float on water it has to weigh 1 g/cm3 or less. We got to make paper aeroplanes and test them on how far they flew. Mine was a bit of a fail.

Next I had lunch of Hot Dog and Soft Drink. It was very good and satisfied me. I played Downball with some people. I started to get to know two people called Max and Rupen. By the end of Lunch I got to know some people better. This was a very Lunch Time.

Next I did drama with Ms ? (I can’t remember her name either). We played many fun games that where interesting. One of those games I played was by trying to roll a tennis ball through each other legs. You could try to stop it. Anther game I played was where you would act like something and then the teacher would call out a number and you would have to get into a group of that number.

For the last session I had P.E with Mr Veal our Year 7 coordinator. We did best to 3 trying to stand on each others toes. We played Number Soccer and Dodgeball. I did OK in these but I did worse in soccer. Orientation Day ended in me drawing in a shield to tell something about me. When the bell went, I went home on the tram and that was it.

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