100wc Week15#

As I opened the front door in celebration I saw something red and awfully strange in the tree. I became slightly nervous in thinking it might be something bad. But as it flew away I found out was a bird. Suddenly my brother came rushing put the door making me go tumbling face first into the snow. I laughed as I got up and started chasing him around, picking him up and tickling him. Laughing his head he said, “lets go inside Santa’s come”. We went inside and found many presents all neatly raped up. What a Christmas it was.

100wc Week13#

I was sitting on the beach that our ship was shipwrecked on and pondered to myself why I went on that ship in the first place. I knew the answer straight away, I wanted a better life in a new country. The country I was bound for was Iceland. Our family thought it would be a good place to settle. The name wasn’t nice but life was said to be good there. We took a ship from Denmark before the country collapsed into total mayhem. We where in a storm soon after departure and suddenly we where on an mysterious Island.

100wc Week12#

He was shocked to find a animal suite with a speaker in it. He also found a hole in the bag, it was recently done. And in the distance 50 calibre gun shots sounded and when he looked out his dark window his metal machines lay in a smoking heap as a shadowy figure ran off.

Then a rampage of Animals screamed into the darkness slickly racing into the last known forest. He new it was the end and there was nothing he could do, because in the distance a light beamed sending out light  turning the world back to it’s beautiful green glorious self.


100wc Week 10#

Suddenly a bullet came wising through the air hitting a fox it’s target. As the fox laid on ground and as it shivered, they hit it with a mallet killing it. They took it away to his house on the top of a hill where they turned it into a carpet. The man who owned the house name was Mr Vichestsky. He was a cruel man that loved to kill helpless animals. As they cheered at the diner table a man crash through the window and arrested them for illegal hunting. They in hey spent 5 years in prison for there crimes.

100wc Week 8#

I saw a sinister figure in a cloak waiting for someone to come by. I went up to him and suddenly I was in another world. One of magic and beasts, where everything is violence and destruction. I tried to run for cover, in my way the same figure stood with his hand up and saying, “nonahajibika”. I  went sailing back crashing to the ground hard. Lying next to me was a sword, shield, armour and a dead man wearing it. I stripped him of his armour and put it, I picked up his sword and shield. I was ready to defend myself.

Maths Mate: Term 4: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be filing in a box with a number.

Read: Fill in the missing number ? divided by 5=9.


Big Question: Fill in the missing number.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Work Backwards.

Solve: I worked backwards and times 5 by 9 and I got 45 and that is the answer.

Summary: This was an easy question to solve and it wasn’t difficult.

100wc Week 2#

I stared at the T-Shirt absolutely bewildered,”but it’s yellow”, I said.

The thing is I was going to a party and mum wanted me to have a good T-Shirt to go out in but I wasn’t expecting it to be yellow.

“It’s very special and you will like it”, said mum trying to make it sound better.


I went out and then almost at the party when I was suddenly surrounded by a gang of heavily armed and aiming straight at me. They asked me to stick em up and come with them to there HQ to talk….

100wc: Week 1#

Finally we could make a start on the plan to build the skyscraper fortress  and new HQ of our company Mighty Us Insurance and finally buy out all the other insurance companies and rule the world. Yet then half of the companies went broke and there wasn’t as much to rule over. Five months we finished our skyscraper fortress and now we bough up all remaining companies and became the only company. Then on a sad day some psycho terrorist group crashed a boing 747 into our skyscraper and it come crashing down. It was known as no more insurance. ):

Maths Mate: Term 3: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be about trial and error.

Read: Carl looked at the page numbers on the open book in front of him. the left and right page numbers added to 333. What are the page numbers.


Big Question: What are the page numbers.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Trial and Error.

Solve: First AI tried to split the number in half but since it was a odd number I couldn’t and I figured out that 171 and 172 but I didn’t work because the sevens would equal 14 and I needed 13. The I tried 160 and 160 and tried to 13 but that wouldn’t work so I used twelve to half and added one to the second number so one was 166 and 167.

Summary: This question was a that was not easy but wasn’t so hard but was a good challenging question.

100wc Week38#

But it was far to hot to go save anyone from the volcanoes eruption and kill all the village was going to die of a painful deaf of burn and heat exhaustion. There was one last hing we could do to save them but it was hard and meant risking the shields being destroyed and no protection for the rest of our journey to the city. The land was rogered and tough and there where enemies all over the place and they could easily take us out. We decided to do it and it was so close but it worked.