B.T.N 20# Magic Kid

Today I watched an article on a boy called Sam and his wonderful magic tricks. Some interesting facts are, Sam is only 12 and he already knows so many magic tricks that it would blow your mind. His manager is his Mum and he doesn’t have to pay her. He’s so good that talent agencies want to sing him up, but his Mum won’t let them because he’s 12 years old.

Some understandings I now have are, if you try hard enough and you get into something quickly, you can aspire to be person you wanted to be. I also understand why all Sam Idols are magicians, this is because they do the same thing he does that he loves so much. A question I still have is, How many magic tricks does Sam know?


B.T.N 19# Marintime History

Today I watched an article on what sort of conditions poor people in third class life was like. Some facts I recall are. That life in first class was horrible and the fact you were in that for months must have been worse. You get Scurvy from a lack of Vitamin D and you will feel very week and even lose teeth. Another disease your limes would die and you would have them cut off. I now understand what life was like on a ship in 19th century going to Australia in third class. I now understand how scurvy works and what the effects are. A question I still have is. What sea sickness look like?

B.T.N 18# Moon Livin’

Today I watched an artical on Moon Livin and how hard it would be. SOme facts I now know is, moon dust make good bricks when used properly. The Moon has very valiable resources that are very useful in phones and tablets. The best way to set up life on the moon is to use the resources that are already on the moon and use them effectively. I now know what the moon has to offer in terms of what resources it has and how usful they are. I now know how hard it really is to live on the moon. When will humans settle on the Moon

B.T.N 17# Healthy Vending

Today I watched an article on Healthy vending machines how they are becoming more popular. Some facts I now know are, that there are more vending mechines going around that sell fruit. That the company that’s behind this made this a world first. That there first vending mechine only sold bananas. Some understandings I now have are, that these vendings mechines are becoming more popular and more common. That uying a healthy snack could become more easy. A question I still have is, What is my nearest one?

B.T.N 16# BMX Champ

Today I watched an artical on a man called Sam Willoughby who just won the B.M.X world championships and his erg to get more kids riding. Some facts I now are, that assembling a bike from parts that are not already assembled. The very fun to do when you actually do it. The Sam wants every child to ride and stay fit and healthy. Some understandings I now have are, that kids are making bikes all over Australia with Sam. That you must use the right tools to assemble a bike otherwise It mightn’t work. A question I still have is. How many schools are they going to?

B.T.N 15# 100 years since the biggining WW1

Today I watched an artical on the 100th year since then start of ww1 and how it changed our nation and the world. Some facts I recall were, there were over 60 000 Australian casualties in this war and how much of an impact that had on our of only 4-5 million people. The war shaped the world forever and was called the war to end all wars. Once the Duke Ferdinand was killed by an Serbian things erupted and within days war was declared. Some understandings I now have are, How many people died in the war and how much that was for the time. I understand why Australians wanted to enlist even if teenagers. Why didn’t end war from happening again?

B.T.N 14# Air Safety

Today I watched an article on air safety and MH-17 and these tragedies could be prevented. Some facts I recall are, you have more chance of not dying in a plane crash than being struck by lightning and other things. That traveling by plane is 22 more times safer than traveling by car. That disasters like this gather the worlds attention so much. Some understandings I now have are, How safe it really is to travel by plane and safe you are. I now understand that you shouldn’t be flying over war zone no high how high you are. A question I still have is. Why is it so bad for a airline and consumer to have to pay ticket $66 more to ensure the safety of peoples lives or there life is safer.

B.T.N 13#

Today I watched an article on a boy named Flynn who has a very serious health issue and make amazing sculptures out of car parts. Some facts I recall are, The first piece of are he made won alot of awards. He can’t do sport like normal children do. He has substituted making these for sport. I now understand one thing you can substitute sport for if you had a health problem. I know understand how hard it is to live with something that prevents you from doing sport. A question I still have is, how more things that can be substitutes for sport?

B.T.N 12# Bitter Sweet

Today I watched an article on low fat food and how much more sugar there is in it than full fat foods. 3 facts I recall are, There can sometimes be up 5 times more sugar in low fat foods than full fat foods because sometimes the foods don’t taste so good with the same amount as the full fat. Almost all foods in the supermarket have sugar besides fruit and veg which have either natural sugar or none. Some people say that this amount is making more people obese and over weight. 2 understandings I know have are, that there is more sugar in low fat products and that I now know that we should always look at the label before buying something. I know understand that you shouldn’t have to much sweet things and you should think about eating something sweet before eating it.

One question I still have is. Why do some foods taste bad without more sugar in it and are low in fat and some others that but aren’t?

B.T.N 11#

Today I watched a clip on The Zaatari Refugee camp in Jordon on Border of Syria which is literally a city of tents home to 100 000 people. 3 facts I recall are that 3 years ago it was just desert now it is tent city. Half of the population is children that are educated  in big classes since there are so many people. The camp is only temporary according to the Jordan government. 2 understandings I now are, How lucky we are to have such a privileged life with all the stuff we want and just need to get the money, I also understand fully. I now understand how serious the war is because of how refugees there are in this single camp. One question I still have, Why don’t we ask some of these refugees if they want to come to Australia?