Daily Dash

The best thing about last week.

It was really everything we did at camp that was the best thing. It was a fun and interesting camp that I went to. A lot of things where done everyday.

Some of the things where, go to a dead volcano creator, go to Flagstaff Hill, go  fishing for fish, have a disco and…

The worst thing about last week was everyday at recess and lunch I would go and hang out with Lilli but every time a few preps would come up to us and would want to play with me and Lilli and I couldn’t say no because we knew they would get upset so we had to say yes. Also there is another bad thing that happened and it was when the 5/6’s coming back from camp and a few of the prep boys came and attacked Lilli and I, but they attacked Lilli more which was sort of funny because they jumped on her and tried to get her bag. They tackled her to the floor and one of the prep boy’s mum had to come and take them off Lilli. She came walking over to me with only one shoe on and I just burst into laughter nearly crying because she looked like she’d been attacked by swooping birds and…

Only one thing I would change about last week….

Well I was not very brave last week. On the second and third day we went to the adventure playground up the road from the motel. I wanted to have a go at the huge flying fox! Anyway so I waited in line and we were talking about how nervous we were. Out od all my friends Shaza went on first. She did it like she was “Speedy Gonzala”! Next was Cindy. She just did is despite of being a little nervous. Next was Layla and….

If I was in charge of the world for a week. If I was in charge of the world for a week I would make sure I get everything I want for free!  I would make all the times but I don’t have to go to those boring meetings. I will make it so I don’t have to go to school, so I can come in then leave.

I would also ban potatoes and they will only be aloud to eat potato chips. I would also ban broccoli and prawns. I will buy highpoint for a million dollars or a billion dollars because I have in it ? Then I will go to the apple store, grab all the awesome thing then leave hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha.

Daily Dash

Winter sports has been the best thing since sliced bread…. Because its good a thing to do as a team with different classes and people as well as schools.

It’s also a great for me to do because I can socialize with other people and have fun playing the sport of my choice (FOOTBALL) and learning things about the sport like skills and other things like that.

I also love the day of it, when the adrenalin rushes through you and the and your excited about playing the sport. When your in position the whistle  blows and the game starts. Most of the time we get thrashed by 80+ points and we get no or not many goals at all but it’s still fun play. There is only one game that we didn’t go down like that, but that was against Aberfeldie and they bet us by just over 10 points. There is one that we won but the other forfeited the game and that is how we won.

It’s just a game anyway so I guess it’s a great thing to do, plus you don’t have to be over competitive all the time because it’s about having fun and winning is a pleaser not something to brag about at all.

So the main thing is to have fun. And this is my opinion on winter sports.

Daily Dash

The writing process can sometimes be dull, but mostly I make it exiting…

The way I make it exiting is by thinking of exiting things about what I write about and how I do it. And this is just the start.

This is what I like sometimes when I sit down and write for 20 minutes and relax on writing a story like this, but the thing I like writing about the most is action.

Action is one of my favourite genres to write about and read about. It’s so much fun just thinking you being in it and you doing it.

The next genre I like is Fantasy and others like that. The reason I like it is because it’s got a lot of things that aren’t in real life like beasts and magical weapons of destruction. So I guess my writing pretty dull sometimes but still exiting in its own way.

My favourite thing about writing is just writing a story that I like a lot and the reason I like this is because I’m someone who writes a lot.

So I guess that’s the last I’ll write about this so I guess this is


The Longest Day of The Year!

The longest day of the year is one of the School days I’ve been through. It feels like a long time but it’s just the same as any other days of School but it still feels like a long time no matter what happens.

So it probably started with me a bit tired but still energetic. As I like it got ready time went by but when I got to school time felt like it slowed down a bit and I started feel a bored. As the day went on time went slowly and I felt tired and bored.

At Recess time flew by like as normally did but after Recess time slowed down again and I felt mentally tired and bored fellings didn’t stop because at Lunch time a minute felt like hour and it felt even more slow.

After Lunch time went a bit faster and after school I felt that time went much faster. But before I knew it. It was bedtime.

So that was the day of the year.