How to give a Perfect Speech


Paper, computer, confidence


1. Find a topic to research on and research it.

2. Put your findings into your own words.

3. Put it on cue cards and remember to make there’s no big slabs of writing.

4. Practice the speech many times over in the time you have left.

5. When practicing make sure your voice is clear and your making eye contact and your not speaking to fast.

6. On the day try to be relaxed and don’t panic.

7. Do you r speech as you would in practice also think that the audience isn’t there and don’t be nervous to speak in front of the crowd.

8. In question time try to answer all the questions people have.

9. Take feedback as a opportunity to think what you could improve on.

Classoom Considerations

In 5/6c we treat everyone equqaly.

In 5/6c we respect people,properties and opinions.

In 5/6c we work cooperativly.

In 5/6c we make eye contact and respect everyone’s opinions.

In 5/6c we don’t tolerate put downs.

In 5/6c we always stand strong matter what.

Let everyone have a say and if stuck help them.

Try everything and be optimistic about it.

Have fun and becoftable trying new things.