Different Types of Goverment

In the last few weeks we’ve been looking at the Australian government and now here’s a look at the other types of government. Democracy is a type where everyone gets to vote and a Republic is the same except the country is independent and the man in rule is a President. Communism is a type of government where all businesses and farms are owned by the government and the government controls the economy.

Dictatorship is a government that is ruled by one man and is similar to a totalitarian state where there’s only one political party and the people are forced to do what the government tells them. A monarchy is where the country’s ruled by a King or Queen and they make the decisions, but the UK has a constitutional monarchy where the Queen has limited power . A Federal Government is where there is a Central Government and a small or large number of Local Governments. Anarchy is where there is no rules no man in power and the people make there own decisions.

I learnt that there are many different types of government and what they do and how they work and I also learnt that Russia hasn’t changed. I also learnt that you should always read your text out loud so you can iron the bits that don’t make it flow very well. I will take this information and use it to grow on what types of government there are.

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Forensic Science Interview Script

“Welcome to the B and B Show my name is The Interviewer and our special guest tonight is Dr Forensic”.

“Hello Dr Forensic how are you”.

“Hi and I’m good”.

“Today your here to talk about handwriting analyse, right.”

“Yes, that’s right”.

“Now I’m going to ask a series of questions about handwriting analyse.”


“What type of handwriting analyse is your favourite and why”?

“Line quality”.

“What sort of handwriting analyse do you usually work on”

“I usually work on all types of handwriting analyse”.

“What is handwriting analyse”.

“It’s usually about examining the handwriting and trying to find out if the forge is the same to the original”.

“What are 3 types of handwriting analyse”.

” Line quality, spacing between letters and words and pen lifts and separation”.

” How useful is this”?

“It can be useful to see if the suspect has simular handwriting to some of the handwriting found at the seen”.

This has been another episode of The B and B show.

My Body My Life project reflection

What are the 3 important things I’ve learnt about my research skills since completing this project?

1. I have learnt that my skills in a group aren’t the best, but I can still work in a group with people and do it well.

2. I have learnt that I should go away from Wikipedia and look at other websites in the wide world of the web.

3. I have learnt that you need to plan to plan 3 different plans to make a working model because if one doesn’t work you have backup.

How I can improve on my group work skills?

I can try and pull my own weight of research and writing in my own words for the project. Another thing is that I can cooperate in my group more in the way of organising it.

What goals do you have for semester two regarding Integrated  Studies?

I’ve set one goal to get my projects in on time and get a lot of useful info about it.