GTAC Refletion 2#

Yesterday we had a second visit from GTAC (Gene Technology Access Centre). The people who came where Jacinta and Chris. We worked on the gas state and learnt how it works. Me and my class did activities to study the gas state and they where, is there anything in the cup which I found out there was something in the cup. We also did one on how gas particles in a cup react getting pushed into water.

Some facts I recall are that there is something everywhere and that is gas and we need to breath one of those gases to survive, that is oxygen. When gas meets water the gas wants to get out cup and tries to push the water out the and the water then goes up the sides because of the pressure of the gas. There is something everywhere in the air because air is a gas and it takes any given space in this instance the sky and space around us. Gas particles are spread out and don’t like to be still, and like to move around a lot and bounce of wall and each other.

Some things I now understand are how gas particles work and how they behave by there selves, they like to move around a lot and don’t like to stay still. I understand that gas particles a easy to compress because they are so spread out and take up so much space. I now understand that the Gas state is the state that takes up the most room on Earth because off how spread out it and how so called empty space there is.

A question I still have is. What is the least common gas on Earth?

Term 1 Project Reflection

Last Term we learnt about the Australian government and the other types of government around the world. We learnt how the Australian government works and how other types work. We also started to write a letter to members of parliament discussing a certain issue. I did the East-West Tunnel and I started to write to the Victorian Premier and the Victorian Minister Transport. We a slide show/article about who where we and then did a summary on it. And lucky last The Road To Federation in Australia where we researched it and then wrote and article on it.

3 Facts I learnt!

That anyone can vote sensibly if they understand how politics work and what is right or wrong and who you shouldn’t vote for because that is unfair or directly hits certain people. That our government is one of the most fairest in the world because its a democracy and everyone get to have a say and vote through there local MPs. We have three levels of government (Local, State and Federal) and they all have different jobs that are very important to be able to run the country and stop it from turning into chaos and maybe civil war.

2 Understandings I have!

I now understand how the government works at the three levels of government in Australia, they so the local controls local issues, the state controls state issues and the federal controls federal and world issues. I also understand how fair our government is compared to some other governments all over the world, one of these reasons is that we are a democracy and we go to the polls every three years to decide our government.

Questions I still have!

What is the most powerful government in the world?! What is the most influential part of the Australia government?

Australian Federal Parliment Representation

Last week we started learning about direct and indirect representation. What good and bad for both. There is one problem main problem with direct and indirect. Direct to many voices would be speaking at once and indirect not every one can have there say. We also learnt about the three levels of government in Australia and what they do. Federal deal with Migration, Foreign Affairs, Regional Rail etc. State Government deals with Public Transport Small Roads and Big Roads, but often need help from federal Government and Health Care. Local Government deals with Dog Policy, Local Parks, Road Cleaning and Rubbish Collection.

We learnt about a bit  of the history and when Australia was on a one man rule by Captain Arthur Phillip. We also learnt that there is the House of Representatives (Lower House), they have 150 members, 48 in N.S.W, 37 in Victoria, 11 in S.A, 15 in W.A, 5 in Tasmania, 2 in N.T, 2 in A.C.T 29 in Queensland  .The Senate (Upper House), they have 76, 12 in Victoria 12 in N.S.W, 12 in W.A, 12 in S.A, 12 in Tasmania, 12 in Queensland, 2 in Northern Territory and 2 in A.C.T.

House of Representatives for States

Federal  Parliament Graph Tom, Fidelya and Bryce

Senate Numbers


More House of Representatives


Term 3 Project Reflection

Three facts I found interesting or surprising?

1. I found that he won an award an the National Sleep Awareness Week Diner.

2. His invention is really important.


Two understanding I now have?

1. I understand that science explorers are very important.

2. I understand that land explorers aren’t always the most important explorers.

One wonder I still have?

I still wonder how he was so inspired.

How did I learn it?

I learned  it by researching with my partner Sam searching on all these websites. It wasn’t easy finding all the info online because there were all these different Collins.

What am I going to do with this imformation?

I’m going to use this information for later years in school so I can get better grades.

This project was a very successful for Sam and I and it was not easy to do but we came through and did it successfully. It was one of my favourite projects and I liked it.

Personal Goals: Semester 1 Reflection

1. This semester I achieved my first goal because I listened to the  teacher when the teachers spoke to the class. I also achieved this because I listened to the teachers when they spoke just to me.

2. This semester I also achieved my second goal because I put nearly everything down in my Diary when told and I did all my homework on time.

3. This semester my last goal that I completed was that I thought more about my goals and how I should improve on my learning and I defiantly achieved this.

I think it’s very important that I achieved these things because it’s very important that I’m learning new things.


My greatest personal achievement in the last six weeks at M.P.P.S.

My greatest personal achievement in the last six weeks at M.P.P.S. was getting my homework in on time. I achieved this because I put it down in my Diary and I remembered to do it if I forgot to put it down.

Another achievement I’ve made made was listening to the teacher more. I achieved this because I listened what the teacher had to say and I also almost listened always when she spoke to us.

The last achievement is that I improved in working as a team, because I helped my team mates in Winter Sports by helping take care of the opposition for them. I also improved just plainly in class by helping people in class with work.

And this is why I think I’m a better student in class and on excursions by being very helpful, nice and caring in many ways. I think this because I’m a better person in reality.