Monnee Ponds vs St. Monicas

The game was about to start and nobody knew who was going to win. The stakes where high because if we lost we would drop 3 points and lose a spot. The game kicked off and the opposition was on the ball and were attacking and nothing came of it and they where stoped. We started our first attack and trying to make something of it but nothing happened and the opposition was back on the ball. “Stop them, don’t let them through on goal”, I yelled. The ball was stoped and booted up field and the rest of the half was pretty dead.

The ball went back and forth and no one had a clear chance really. There where some good attacks but none of them where dangerous enough to be a goal. The half dragged on until the ref finally blew the whistle for half time. The half had ended and the second was near. “We have to retain possession and work our way into the box and since there’s no offside we need to take opportunity of that and use it to our favour not there’s”, firmly said the coach, ” good luck lads and lets get a win”.

The second half was in the first few minutes and we started to dominate the possession quite well and within minutes we scored our first goal. The second felt like is was about happen and then I realised I was on the ball and in front of goal. I had a shot and it went in and it was my first goal of the season and hopefully not my last. The half went on and we scored two more goals controlling the possession and dominating and we were going to dominate it all the way to the finish.

We did and came out with an outstanding victory and great spirits. We were went away and celebrated.


The Last Battle

The Rebel Flagship was approaching fast. My adrenaline was rushing and the crew where nervous, the weapons where on standby. The flagship felt like every centimetre it passed by it got faster and faster. There lasers fired at us missing just.

That meant the battle had began and we had to man the stations. The stations where maned in seconds and we started our offensive. Our lasers fired and the hit three of there laser cannons destroying all of them. Next we aimed for there missiles because if they fired they would certainly take us out. We fired our lasers hoping they would hit before the missiles fired and they just did. The rebel ship started to turn around and was trying to escape.

The rebel flagship was gaining ground fast and was going to escape. We fired shots at there main engine and only one of them hit. At the start the explosions where small, but in seconds they got bigger and bigger. The back end suddenly exploded in huge ball of flames that left them sitting ducks. We fired everything we ad trying to finish them off a quick as possible. The exploded in the biggest explosion I’ve ever seen.

The flagship had been destroyed and now I felt great pride in what I had done. As it the explosion finished parts of the ship flew past just missing the ship. There was also a great feel for celebration. It was a rush of excitement and happiness and freedom to the galaxy. Now it was time to head back to back and party.


When I was writing I used Intense Action to tie the beginning to the end. I also used the paragraph sandwich to organise my sentences so they would go in an order. The paragraph sandwich was very helpful and made my story interesting.

Poem using the Six Room

Last week we learnt about the six rooms poem strategy. They  are six different steps to help you make a poem.

The first room is Image/Photograph, you picture a picture not thinking of a poem and write it down. The second room is Light, you picture the how much light there is and colours there in your picture and write it down. The third room is Sound, you think of all the sounds that are happening in you picture and write them down.

The forth room is questions like. What do you want to know more about. The fifth room is. What are your feelings? Write down what your feeling in a few words. The sixth room is look over your previous rooms and ideas and choose a word, a line or phrase that feels important and repeat 3 times.

Tall gum tree

ssssssssssssss On hill

ssssssssssssssssssssss  Sunset

Yellow, orange and red

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa  In painting

ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Calmness

yet confused

sssssssssssss  Colours

ssssssssssssssssssssss of birds

and animals

ssssssssssss extravagant

ssssssssssssssssssssssss distant


ssssssss magical

ssssssssssssssss magical

My job/Your job

My job (students) :

To be organised for the lesson.

To listen and make eye contact with who’s talking.

To learn new information.

To have an exiting and awesome year.

To do jobs that are asked of in 5/6.

To work in class and be a good primary student and work with others.

Your Job (teacher):

To help us learn.

To teach us new information.

To be organised for the lesson you are going to teach us.

To know what we are capable of.

To know what we are not capable of.

Aplication to be in 5/6B

Dear Lee and Classmates,

I would like to be in your 5/6 classroom this year because.

I will bring knowledge to this classroom that I have learnt from previous years and expand on it.

I will be optimistic and help other people who are having trouble doing there work.

I will be hard working and not distract other people from doing there work.

I will use knowledge from previous year and I will use it to grow on what I understand and help me to do this year work in class and homework at home. I will use my diary to plan out my week unlike last year.

I will be optimistic and help people do there work when they get stuck on a piece of work that there doing. I will also help other people when the get hurt or bullied in the yard. I will not disturb other people from becoming young and smart adults.

I will work hard and do my homework in neat and on time manner of work. I will do my class work in class and my homework at home, Like it should be.

In conclusion I will a hard working optimistic child that will be very easy, but sometimes hard to work with.

Kind Regards Bryce Sarah.

Book Review: Wish by Felice Areana

1. What makes this book good?

Seb’s wonderful struggle to make his dream come of capturing 100 planes to grant his wish and save his Mum from cancer. I also like that all the people that he encounters are supportive. except for the bikies and Jack’s Mum kind of.

2. What would make this book better?

It could’ve been longer and more detailed because we never really found out much about Jack’s Mum and Dad because it didn’t really tell you much about them.

3. What’s the most important thing the author want’s you to know?

To never give up on making your wishes come true and always believe in your self no matter what happens.

4. Why did the writer write this book?

I believe he wrote this book to show younger people that you can wish for anything and it may come true.

5. What does the audience need to know to understand and enjoy this book?

They need to know that it’s about having faith in yourself and try to get what you want to get.


Funny Peanut Monster 1# Iceland

There once was a peanut who jumped into a Nuclear Power Plant and became Nuclear Peanut Monster that travelled the world accidentally terrorizing the places the he went and this is about his trip to Iceland. Where he goes to Reykjavik.

I walk along the streets having military officers trowing potatoes at me but I don’t care so I just keep going. I had coffee at a café and it was yummy in fact it was the best coffee ever. I had food for dinner it was yummy. The next day I accidentally bellyflopped on Reykjavik by mistake terrorizing the citizens. I had a trip across Iceland after would and it was fun. Then I left to my next destination. I thought Iceland was great.

Blood Gem

“The map says here, is where the BLOOD GEM should be exactly here, in this spot at this time and on this planet”.

“Well where is it”.

“When you signed up to his adventure you promised not to complain about anything to do with maps and Gems”.

“Well where are we on this planet”.

“The Trillion Rainforest in the middle off a volcano creator”.

“Great, it’s about blow the any second now”.

“And if you weren’t blabbing on about stuff and wasn’t worried about stuff you would’ve seen a glass case with a gem in it”.

A Blood Gem is a gem that is more powerful than a laser beam flying through the air in a plane. Which means it’s the most powerful thing on earth. Two Blood Gem fragments you can make the mighty powerful, feast giving Blood Gem sword.

The story of the Blood Gem starts from medieval times were the dark ruled and the light hid away to keep safe. After the king of Dark died the light were determined to destroy the Dark. The light made the Blood Gem sword in order to swiftly destroy the dark soldiers in one swift stroke.

The light succeeded and the world was freed and the Blood Gem sword was split into three fragments the hilt and the blade was split up into two and scattered around the world, so one day a unexpected hero would put it back together again.

“So we’ll have to open it at our own risk”.

“Yes precisely, we have to open it in order to get the last fragment”.

“Well open it”.


A beam come’s flying out of nowhere.

“Yikes! A beam came’ flying out of nowhere”.

“I pick it up”.

The Blood Gem sword is now been…. To be continued.


Gramma Mania! Exercise:10 Adverbs

1. Computers are relatively new devices.
2. Many businesses use them daily.
3. Today, very fast computers are needed.
4. They produce statistics quickly and accurately.
5. Generally, they are quite easy to use.
6. Many people have never used a computer.
7. The baby has been very cranky lately.
8. Finally, she wrote the very last sentence correctly.
9. She smiled brightly and said that she was really sorry.

10. Politely, he asked for a second helping.