100wc Week12#

He was shocked to find a animal suite with a speaker in it. He also found a hole in the bag, it was recently done. And in the distance 50 calibre gun shots sounded and when he looked out his dark window his metal machines lay in a smoking heap as a shadowy figure ran off.

Then a rampage of Animals screamed into the darkness slickly racing into the last known forest. He new it was the end and there was nothing he could do, because in the distance a light beamed sending out light  turning the world back to it’s beautiful green glorious self.


100wc Week 10#

Suddenly a bullet came wising through the air hitting a fox it’s target. As the fox laid on ground and as it shivered, they hit it with a mallet killing it. They took it away to his house on the top of a hill where they turned it into a carpet. The man who owned the house name was Mr Vichestsky. He was a cruel man that loved to kill helpless animals. As they cheered at the diner table a man crash through the window and arrested them for illegal hunting. They in hey spent 5 years in prison for there crimes.

100wc Week 8#

I saw a sinister figure in a cloak waiting for someone to come by. I went up to him and suddenly I was in another world. One of magic and beasts, where everything is violence and destruction. I tried to run for cover, in my way the same figure stood with his hand up and saying, “nonahajibika”. I  went sailing back crashing to the ground hard. Lying next to me was a sword, shield, armour and a dead man wearing it. I stripped him of his armour and put it, I picked up his sword and shield. I was ready to defend myself.

Maths Mate: Term 4: Sheet 2: Q22

Predict: I predict this is going to be filing in a box with a number.

Read: Fill in the missing number ? divided by 5=9.


Big Question: Fill in the missing number.

Mathematicians Toolbox: Work Backwards.

Solve: I worked backwards and times 5 by 9 and I got 45 and that is the answer.

Summary: This was an easy question to solve and it wasn’t difficult.

100wc Week 2#

I stared at the T-Shirt absolutely bewildered,”but it’s yellow”, I said.

The thing is I was going to a party and mum wanted me to have a good T-Shirt to go out in but I wasn’t expecting it to be yellow.

“It’s very special and you will like it”, said mum trying to make it sound better.


I went out and then almost at the party when I was suddenly surrounded by a gang of heavily armed and aiming straight at me. They asked me to stick em up and come with them to there HQ to talk….

B.T.N 19# Marintime History

Today I watched an article on what sort of conditions poor people in third class life was like. Some facts I recall are. That life in first class was horrible and the fact you were in that for months must have been worse. You get Scurvy from a lack of Vitamin D and you will feel very week and even lose teeth. Another disease your limes would die and you would have them cut off. I now understand what life was like on a ship in 19th century going to Australia in third class. I now understand how scurvy works and what the effects are. A question I still have is. What sea sickness look like?

Maths Mate: Term 3: Sheet 8: Q23

Predict: I predict this is going to be about work backwards.

Read: I think of a number, multiply it by 4 and then divide by 3. If the result is 12, what was the original number?


Big Question: What was the original number?

Mathematicians Toolbox: Work Backwards.

Solve: First I times 12 by 3 which is 36 and then divided 36 by 4 which is 9 and that is your answer.

Summary: I used work backwards and my prediction wasn’t quite right but the question was easy.

Monnee Ponds vs St. Monicas

The game was about to start and nobody knew who was going to win. The stakes where high because if we lost we would drop 3 points and lose a spot. The game kicked off and the opposition was on the ball and were attacking and nothing came of it and they where stoped. We started our first attack and trying to make something of it but nothing happened and the opposition was back on the ball. “Stop them, don’t let them through on goal”, I yelled. The ball was stoped and booted up field and the rest of the half was pretty dead.

The ball went back and forth and no one had a clear chance really. There where some good attacks but none of them where dangerous enough to be a goal. The half dragged on until the ref finally blew the whistle for half time. The half had ended and the second was near. “We have to retain possession and work our way into the box and since there’s no offside we need to take opportunity of that and use it to our favour not there’s”, firmly said the coach, ” good luck lads and lets get a win”.

The second half was in the first few minutes and we started to dominate the possession quite well and within minutes we scored our first goal. The second felt like is was about happen and then I realised I was on the ball and in front of goal. I had a shot and it went in and it was my first goal of the season and hopefully not my last. The half went on and we scored two more goals controlling the possession and dominating and we were going to dominate it all the way to the finish.

We did and came out with an outstanding victory and great spirits. We were went away and celebrated.


The Last Battle

The Rebel Flagship was approaching fast. My adrenaline was rushing and the crew where nervous, the weapons where on standby. The flagship felt like every centimetre it passed by it got faster and faster. There lasers fired at us missing just.

That meant the battle had began and we had to man the stations. The stations where maned in seconds and we started our offensive. Our lasers fired and the hit three of there laser cannons destroying all of them. Next we aimed for there missiles because if they fired they would certainly take us out. We fired our lasers hoping they would hit before the missiles fired and they just did. The rebel ship started to turn around and was trying to escape.

The rebel flagship was gaining ground fast and was going to escape. We fired shots at there main engine and only one of them hit. At the start the explosions where small, but in seconds they got bigger and bigger. The back end suddenly exploded in huge ball of flames that left them sitting ducks. We fired everything we ad trying to finish them off a quick as possible. The exploded in the biggest explosion I’ve ever seen.

The flagship had been destroyed and now I felt great pride in what I had done. As it the explosion finished parts of the ship flew past just missing the ship. There was also a great feel for celebration. It was a rush of excitement and happiness and freedom to the galaxy. Now it was time to head back to back and party.


When I was writing I used Intense Action to tie the beginning to the end. I also used the paragraph sandwich to organise my sentences so they would go in an order. The paragraph sandwich was very helpful and made my story interesting.

100wc: Week 1#

Finally we could make a start on the plan to build the skyscraper fortress  and new HQ of our company Mighty Us Insurance and finally buy out all the other insurance companies and rule the world. Yet then half of the companies went broke and there wasn’t as much to rule over. Five months we finished our skyscraper fortress and now we bough up all remaining companies and became the only company. Then on a sad day some psycho terrorist group crashed a boing 747 into our skyscraper and it come crashing down. It was known as no more insurance. ):